A Best Friend’s Death by Ryan Searfoss

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they will inevitably experience some kind of trauma or event they never thought they’d see. This is not the kind of event anyone will have on their bucket lists or day dream about. Life is already an adventure when you’re about to start high school, but the [...]

Frozen Stills Part 2 by Ryan Searfoss

“My Grandson, If you’re reading this, then it means I’m dead. Haha. Dead… There’s a concept. Listen here son, your dad and I, well we had our disagreements in the past and unfortunately, that had a negative impact on you and your little brother. You rarely got to see me, I rarely got to see [...]

Frozen Stills by Ryan Searfoss

You wouldn’t think twice about me if you saw me passing by on the street. You see them all over the world; people carrying cameras around their necks like gold medals. “Look at me, I’m a photographer!” Your current thoughts of a photographer immediately picture every Pinterest girlfriend, the soccer mom who just wants to [...]