This Blog = My Journal

As fun as it is for me to fantasize and pretend like I’m going to make a fortune from being a blogger, I just don’t see that happening. I use this blog more like a journal to share my experiences and I just don’t see a business or company making a profit from here.

With that said, I will still write but I think I’m going to write on an as needed basis… yeah…

I want to pursue my music and YouTube channel right now, they are more fun for me and I enjoy it more. I’ll come back to this when I need to share something that is more on the down low and personal. For those of you that do read my blog regularly, thank you! I love the support and appreciate when others take time to read my content.

If you’re interested in new music and independent artists, I’m hoping to start uploading my music soon, so if you’re interested, check me out on YouTube, Ryan Searfoss.

Again thank you to those who read my content and support me. If you want to check out some of my other posts, click on Blogs in menu šŸ™‚

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