Struggling with my Niche

Ah crap… I didn’t post Monday….

Not What You’re Expecting?

If you need help finding a niche, this may not help you but maybe you’ll find that you’re not only one struggling to find it. We can struggle together! You know what!?! Let’s build a blanket fort, turn on some Disney, and just ignore our problems for the day. How does that sound?

I wish! I’m sitting at a desk, in my office, at my 9-5 job. Technically it’s 8-5… I don’t know why people say 9-5? Like yo, where’s your lunch?

Anyway, yes I’m at work, but I’m not using “work time” to write this. I’m using my “lunch hour”…. Okay seriously though, back to the topic.

I Want To…

I want to be famous, well-known, popular, cool, etc…

I watch video after video and read blog after blog about building my following and increasing my subscriber count but they all have the same common theme.

I get it! I need to find my niche and stick to it. I can re-brand later but they say don’t worry about that now because you’re just starting out. So there it is, pick a niche.

If “banging my head on a desk trying to find my niche” was a niche, I’d kill it at that one. But it’s not, so I’m not. Even if it was a niche, how do I write enough posts or make enough videos about the topic? How does a lumberjack of all trades make “expert” style videos or posts on topics to which I’m not an expert. I’m well versed in a lot of areas but I definitely cannot compete with other influencers! I know how to make videos, great! Ask me how I do it? A lot of trial and error. That’s why it takes me so long to edit my videos. I don’t have a theme to follow. I know how to play a lot of instruments, awesome! Literally, I know enough to get by and play a bit of various songs but I do NOT know enough to teach any of the instruments I play. I know how to record music, dude! Don’t ask me to help you though because all I do is hit record and cut and paste and, well you get the point.

You Know Me! *sarcastically*

I’m a lover of many different topics and activities but I’m no expert in any of them. I know how to be a decent person, I think, but I don’t value my knowledge to the level of what others would look up to me for. I could make videos about how to interact with people in a certain “group” or how to be the person everyone likes, almost everyone, BUT where’s my creds? I don’t have anything to show for my proof, my ability, or my experience. So… what now? do I pretend like I’m an expert on everything about decency and respect? I want to be true to myself.

But wait! why would I even make videos about that? I want to make videos about my music and the journey to creating my first album! Refer to “I Want To…”. It would be hard to find different topics to talk about each week. The last thing I want to do is REPEAT myself! I mean, I know I can make updated videos on something I made a year or so ago, but If I start making videos with repeat topics within a month or two of each other, people will stop watching or reading.

Oh man, I am desperate…

If you made it to this point, then thanks. I hate how I overthink everything. It makes my life way more complicated than it needs to be… If you by chance find an article about finding your niche and you remember this post, please do share that link with me. I’ll take all the help I can get!

Can I Help? I’ll Try…

If you’re still looking for your niche too, then I wish you all the best of luck.

I’ll share what I’ve learned over the last year. First, focus on your broad skills. Think of things like good with people, good with computers, etc. Then, hone in on one or two of those skills. Good at talking to people, good at fixing computers, etc. Next, keep zeroing in on those skills. I’m good at talking to people about “blank” or I’m good at using “blank” on the computer. Finally, see which area you ENJOY the most and if possible, what areas can you combine?

If you’re like me, the problems starts at the beginning where you know, you enjoy too many different areas and you’re afraid of failing and regretting what you chose. Here’s some advice I wish I could take for myself…

“It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to stop one ‘thing’ and start another. It’s okay to change your goals midway through the process.”

Easier said than done in my opinion. Especially if fear of failure is a big one for you. Thank you so much for reading. When people like my content it makes me feel better about myself, so please send me a like or comment below. 🙂 Until next time.

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