I Love the Cold, Right?

So if you’ve read my “Who Am I Series“, then you’ll know where I live. If you haven’t, I live in Northern Arizona. The part of Arizona where it actually snows… Just look at the feature photo! Nope, not sarcasm. Now just to be clear, we don’t and probably never will get snow like or as cold as Minnesota, but I think you get the point.

I was born in Northern California but I grew up in the deserts of Arizona. Specifically, I’m from a small town south of Tucson where we usually got 100+ degree summers (that’s in Fahrenheit) and never hit lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit in the winters.. So moving up to Northern Arizona was a huge but VERY welcome change for my life.

Most winters we get on average of 100 inches of snow. Spread that out over the months of October to sometimes May! It’s usually acceptable to expect snow at your graduation. Not always a lot but snow nonetheless. I love it here!

Great, now that I’ve rambled on about snow in my current hometown, I should get back to the originally scheduled broadcast. I love the cold. I do. I love the snow! Crazy right?! See, I don’t drive so I don’t have to shovel sidewalks or driveways so it doesn’t bother me like it does other people.

I also love to snowboard when I get the chance. It’s just beautiful. Depending on where you live, you’re probably thinking, what craziness is this bloke speaking!?! If I had to shovel my driveway and car out everyday, then yeah, I’d probably hate snow too eventually. But I don’t!

And here it is, the inevitable,

But, I don’t like the ice that comes after the snow. Let’s note some things that happen after it snows. When snow melts, the water runs in whatever direction the hill goes, wind blows, or other external forces push it. Back to basic science, when water is exposed to below freezing temperatures, it freezes. If you’re a driver, black ice is one of your worst enemies in climates like this.

Since I walk almost everywhere, some of the issues I face is when a sidewalk is covered with plowed ice and snow. They plow the roads but don’t always do so hot plowing the sidewalks afterwards. Time is money and money is time, I know. The city doesn’t always have enough workers or they don’t have the funds, etc. etc. But when I’m walking, the last thing I want to have to do is climb mini snow mountains just to get somewhere!

… I was imagining myself as a Rugrat towards the end of the last paragraph because I sounded so adventurous. HAHA

I like colder weather more than the heat, but then there’s the aftermath that still sucks.

What’s the weather like where you live? Are a heat lover or a cool lover? If you like the heat, do prefer the dry heat of the southwest or the humid heat of the east? Let me know down in the comments! I’d love to hear other people’s perspectives! šŸ˜€ Until next time!

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