Changing My Goals

Every so often, I am so critical with myself that I feel the need to change my goals. Even goals, I haven’t even started working towards! For example, this blog. I do love to write, but there’s no reward (in my opinion) of sharing what I write if no one ever reads it. I feel like there’s no where to go as a blogger… So the other day I was telling myself, just quit it, just focus on your YouTube channel, your book, and your music. Take the stress of writing away from here and lessen the weight on your shoulders.

For so long I believed myself to be a quitter because it was so easy to start something and quit with the rationality of “I tried”. And even now, I know it would be so much easier to quit and plead myself to believe, “I tried” is enough. Then I think about my lifetime goals, all the things I want to accomplish someday. Such as, having a family. I don’t want to have a son or daughter and be the type of dad that says, “don’t quit, don’t give up” when that’s exactly what I did.

I wrote my strategic plans for all of my goals and I told myself, give yourself one year for each project. Once you start it, don’t stop for at least one year. You never know, blogging may be a better route for you than YouTube! (DOUBT!) But I won’t know unless I try. So, to end this super short post, I hope to leave you with the inspiration to persevere. Give yourself time to grow into the success you want to be. Although no one may be listening, watching, or reading, keep going. There may be someone who NEEDS the value you give and if you give up too early, they’re going to miss it. Then you’re not only failing yourself, you’re not giving someone else, the opportunity to succeed.

Thanks for stopping by, if you prefer short posts such as this one, let me know if the comments and I will work on doing more brief articles on various topics. Until next time!

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