My First Week of Graduate School

Of course I’m going to write about my first week as a graduate student! Who wouldn’t! That’s rhetorical… don’t answer that.

So… This is going to be shorter than I originally thought but I doubt anyone will mind a shorter read. I mean, everyone knows that the attention span these days is so low. haha………

Anyway, I am a full-time graduate student but my semesters are broken down into 8 weeks rather than 16 weeks like most undergrad programs. So for the first 8 week session I am only taking one course ENG 517 (Professional Editing) and to be honest, it’s not off to a good start. I was technically late on my first assignment!! Oh man.. luckily, it’s just the beginning and most professors, graduate and undergraduate, are a little more lenient in the beginning, but a warning to all those who plan on going to college or are in college and have not experience this, DO NOT take advantage of that one time or generosity in the beginning. It will not end well for you.

Once I complete the first course, I will then be taking TWO courses at the same time for the second 8 week session. I’ll talk more about those courses when I’m actually in them so I can be accurate about what’s going on. My first class however, is not what I was expecting, and I bet my professor would laugh and say, almost everyone says that. I won’t go too in depth with the differences between comprehensive editing and proofreading, but just understand that this course is more involved with the structure, the word choice, and the flow of the document. Most of the assignments I’ll be working on consist of academic and professional articles. This could include: science articles, informational pamphlets, proposals, etc.

At this moment in time, graduate school is not looking the way I thought it would but I’m going to stick with it, give it a chance, and hope that I do well enough to pass. Until next time, cheers!

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