Monday Announcement

School is back in session!

Unlike Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out”, for me, school is in fact back in session. TODAY!!!

Am I excited to be going back to school? Uhhh.. Yes and No. Yes, because I’m a graduate student! I never thought I would go further than my Bachelor’s degree and even while studying for that degree, I wasn’t sure if I would ever finish! No, because I’m mean, shit, who the hell wants to do more homework!?!

This is a new page in my book of life though, and it is these next few years that will really determine where I go and what I do with myself. I know we tell that to ourselves in college the first time, but the truth is, it’s the first three to four years right out of college that you truly find out what it is that makes you tick. For some people, that means continuing on their current path and that is awesome! For others, that means going back to school, staying at your current job until you decide a new direction, or packing up and starting a new life somewhere else. But let me say this loud and clear, if you are one of the many who goes back to school, decides not to work in your degree field, or you pack up and move someplace new,


Don’t EVER let someone tell you what big life decision is right or wrong FOR YOU! If you see someone who’s about to partake in one of the ventures above or any other likewise situation, SUPPORT them, STAND by them, and LOVE them. That is what they need. They are already unsure of their future, they don’t need the uncertainty of whether or not they have your love, support, or friendship! If you are worried for them, ask questions. Instead of telling them what they should do or how to do something, ask if they would like a suggestion that might work for them. Not everything that worked for you, is going to work for them.

… huh…

I’m rambling… Well, shit, let’s get back on track.

I’m starting online graduate courses this week towards a Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing, so if you notice an improvement on my writing skills and less rambling, that’s probably why haha.

The main reason and the point of this post is to make the following Public Service Announcement:

With school starting up, I may be cutting back my blog posts to once or twice a week. I won’t know for sure until a few weeks in so for now, expect at least once a week. 🙂

Alright, before I ramble again, I’ll end on this note and hope you enjoy reading my blogs! Thanks!

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