Who Am I? Part 5

This is it! The final Part of the Who Am I series! It may be a little long but it does cover about five and half years! Without further rambling, let’s get to it!

A New Direction

I was going to NAU! Now if you’ve stuck with me throughout this series, then you know how important this was to me. A step in direction that I wanted to go was what I needed to feel like my life was back on track and actually going somewhere. Now the following five years wasn’t easy because I had a lot of growing up to do still. I was 22 starting at a university where the highest number of first-year students were younger. I was also in a new city where I didn’t really know anyone except for a few people that I rarely saw.

My first year at NAU I was a secondary education English major (high school English teacher). Teaching always has been and still is something I’d consider doing later down the road, but high school? In this society? Yeah, right. If I ever do teach, it would most likely be college. But I learned quickly that the degree wasn’t for me. The education aspect of it was fine, it was the English side of it. I got a D in English Grammar… a D in English GRAMMAR! Like the most important part of being a teacher is knowing how to teach GRAMMAR! Anyway, my advisor at the time low key but very obviously suggested I change my major, so I did! Although it sucked to hear someone tell you, you’re not good enough, I’m glad this person did.

I reverted back to my original plan of studying Business and Music, minus the music part of it. NAU has an amazing music program, but to get in, you have to audition, and… I just wasn’t interested in it. Little did I know that switching to business would change my life.

Business Major and Fraternity Life

I know what you’re thinking, ah great, a frat boy. Technically, you’d be right but I was in a co-ed, business fraternity. We always strived for professionalism, challenged ourselves academically, and never did anything that would create a bad image of our family. I say family because we are co-ed, and I always found it weird calling females brothers. Central office refuses to change that which, hey, hats off to them for staying conservative, but eventually, it might be in their best interest to allow females to be called sisters. We are a family after all. Anyway, if you’d like to hear more about my business fraternity and how it had the BIGGEST impact on my life to this day, let me know in the comments or email me and I’ll start working on a post for that.

There are a low of different focuses in business and I’ve had my fair share of “exploring” a number of them. By exploring I mean, I officially changed my focus 6 times throughout my first two years in the program. Eventually though, I settled on Marketing. If you like sales, working with people, and you like sales, for many recent graduates, sales jobs take up the majority of the options. Yes, many marketing people are in the advertising business but if you’re at NAU, marketing is more focused on sales, in my opinion. I know I’m not the only one who says that but don’t tell my professors I said it.

As mentioned above, my fraternity family was definitely the best part of college for me and they had the biggest impact on my life. My first year, I wasn’t involved with anything but classes, homework, and work. I didn’t meet new people except those that I worked with and I’m very thankful for the crew that I worked with because they were good people and friends. But it wasn’t what I was looking for. I needed a family that had my back in everything. I found that with the fraternity.

In May of 2018, I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in Marketing with a minor in Spanish. To say that I was happy is a huge understatement. I cried the night before having just realized how far I have come.

What Happened Next?

Well, I was officially a college graduate and thought with all of the work experience I had, I would be a good candidate for many jobs. I didn’t want to work in the marketing fields, and absolutely DID NOT want to work in sales. So I applied for everything else. Literally, I applied for assistant manager as restaurants, I applied for lead shift supervisor at some fast food places, positions on NAU campus, ASU campus. UofA campus, civilian military jobs, government jobs, and more! I submitted over 100 job applications over the course of 5 months. Granted, I wasn’t 100% qualified for around 80 percent of them, I still had to try. In total, I was given 10 interview opportunities. Only one gave me an offer, but after being here for five months so far, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The reason I brought up the number of applications, interviews, and how stressful it was to find a job right out of college is for many reasons.

  1. Just because you have a degree, doesn’t mean you’ll get the job
  2. Not every business will judge you based solely on your credentials or character, but rather both
  3. Sometimes not getting a particular position can be a good thing, because then you miss out on other opportunities
  4. Although, it gets discouraging, never give up and keep applying for jobs. You don’t really have a choice on that one unless your parents are cool with you taking up their garage.

There’s nothing wrong with number 4, sometimes you need to go back home to decide where you’re going to plant your next seed and grow from there. Failure is a big part of how we learn, grow, and adapt ourselves. You’ve heard this saying before in many different ways, and I do not take credit for this phrase, but “when you’re at rock bottom, two things happen. One, you have a new foundation on which to build, and two, there’s only one way to go, up”.

Thank you so much for sticking with me on this series, I know it was long, and I rambled quite a bit, but I feel that it is important for people to have an idea of who I am and how I came to be. Cheers to being real and Salud to those of you who made it through the series. Thank you!

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